Since 2016, we have joined forces with extraordinary founders across different verticals in SaaS. We’ve walked the path with them since the earliest stages, being an entrepreneurial and hands on partner. Meet the companies that believed and trusted the journey with us.

Localyze offers a software solution for relocation management. Localyze supports international employees throughout the whole relocation process.

Franziska Low, Hanna Marie Asmussen, Lisa Dahlke

Industries: Information Technolgy, SaaS

Friday Finance transforms B2B finance for SMBs in Europe by building the simplest way for businesses to collect, pay, and finance invoices.

Founders: Christopher Zemina, Patrick de Castro Neuhaus

Industries: FinTech, Banking

Pliant helps companies in issuing adaptable physical and virtual credit cards tailored to their unique business requirements and processes.

Founders: Fabian Terner, Malte Rau

Industries: FinTech, Financial, Credit Cards

Gigs is building Stripe for phone plans. Enabling platforms to sell phone & data subscriptions to their users.

Founders: Dennis J Bauer, Hermann Frank

Industries: SaaS, Telecommunications

Presize is the developer of a body scanning application designed to solve the sizing and returns issues for fashion e-commerce.

Founders: Leon Szeli, Awais Shafique, Tomislav Tomov

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce

Finway provides financial guidance to SMEs, planning & control all expenses and budgets in one tool.

Founders: Csaba Krümmer, Jennifer Dussileck, Philipp Rieger

Industries: FinTech

The seventhings platform helps companies to know their assets in a better way and return them to the circular economy after their lifetime.

Founders: Patrick Boden

Industries: SaaS, Asset Management

Stotles is unlocking the potential of business and government working better, together. Our all-in-one platform streamlines your public sector sales.

Founders: Taj Kamranpour,Carsten Schaltz,John Witt

Industries: Saas, Public Sector Sales

For grocers, ordering the right amount of fresh products is incredibly hard. Freshflow’s AI gives fresh departments superpowers, placing the perfect order for every product every day.

Founders: Avik Mukhija, Carmine Paolino

Industries: SaaS, Food Supply Chain

The first Buyer Enablement platform to help you close more deals faster, by selling the way your future customers love.

Founders: Kristian Kauper, Marc Grewenig, Max Klein

Industries: Ecommerce, B2B

Unea is the first end-to-end platform to manage trade spend and sales activities in the commerce industry.

Founders: Richy Ugwu, Hannah Oldorf, Felix Kleinhenz, Tim Duckett

Industries: Saas, E-commerce

vCOACH is your digital personal trainer for communication. Train mobile-based when & where you want.

Founders: Benjamin Gumpp, Clemens Lechner, Stephanie Mayer, Tobias Hölzer.

Industries: Digital Training and Coaching

Parloa is a Conversational AI platform for automating omnichannel customer service, e.g in phone bots or chatbots.

Founders: Malte Kosub

Industries: Artificial Intellingence, Messaging, SaaS

Softwaregini is a fast-growing startup that develops an innovative and integrated enterprise SaaS platform for AI-driven IT selection.

Founders: David Mente, Johannes Bock, Michael Stedler

Industries: B2B SaaS, Enterprise Software

With computer-based analyzes of aerial photos, OCELL creates a new working basis for digital forest management.

Founders: Christian Decher, David Dohmen, Felix Horvat

Industries: Data Services, Sutainable Forestry

Tendex is a SaaS platform that provides software solutions for sales automation, B2B sales, and lead generation.

Founders: Julius Göllner, Otto Lang

Industries: SaaS, Lead generation, Sales Automation

Global Sales Leaders assists early stage and hypergrowth SaaS firms in meeting ambitious goals.

Founders: Julius Göllner, Robert Borchert

Industries: Marketing, Professional Services

refive transforms our understanding of how, when and where humans consume products and services, by digitizing every POS transaction

Founders: Antonio Nicotra, Cristian Martin Pelaez, Mitul Jain

Industries: Ecommerce, FinTech, Retail

reverse.supply helps brands & retailers become more sustainable by enabling them to own the resale of their products.

Founders: Janis Künkler, Max Große Lutermann, Konrad Hosemann

Industries: SaaS, E-commerce, Apparel

AccessOwl automates the provisioning and permissioning of SaaS accounts for employees.

Founders: Mathias Nestler, Philip Eller

Industries: Software, SaaS

Byways offers digital logistics solutions for un/loading processes between trucks and logistics hubs.

Founders: Alexander Palffy, Simon Jordan

Industries: Saas, Logistics

Demo experience that sells. Easily create, share and track your product demos.

Founders: Kamil Smuga, Pawel Jaszczurowski

Industries: SaaS

IFyrfeed is Germany's first and most innovative AI-powered service for high-quality social media posts.

Founders: Lukas Karoff, Benjamin Zengler, Thomas Lindemann

Industries: IT Consulting, IT Services

Liefergrün is a technology platform striving for the most convenient and sustainable delivery experience in e-commerce.

Founders: Max Schleper, Niklas Tauch, Robin Wingenbach

Industries: Logistics, E-commerce

Planted Green plants mixed forests to compensate for CO2 emissions.

Founders: Wilhelm Hammes

Industries: Renewable Energy

Protio operates an apartment investment platform. Its platform allows users to buy, sell, and invest in apartments.

Founders: Antonios Fiorakis

Industries: Real State

Seedtrace is a SaaS startup that develops a digital platform to manage, prove and communicate sustainability and supply chain information.

Founders: Katharina Elisa Davids, Ana Selina Haberbosch

Industries: Saas, Supply Chain

Shoe.AI is the AI selling guide for the online footwear market. Boost your footwear sales with innovative, guided selling AI.

Founders: Timo Steitz

Industries: SaaS, E-commerce, Apparel

HR Tech company with a SaaS solution for career-sites enabling 4x as many applications.

Founders: Lars Wolfram, Max Klameth, Robin Sudermann, Stephan Maihofer

Industries: Human Resources, Saas

F&P offers direct supplies of stock lots from renowned U.S. and European clothing manufacturers, as well as the largest offline retailers and e-commerce platforms in Europe.

Founders: Julius Göllner, Ole Schneikart

Industries: B2B, Apparel, Logistics

Twain is AI communication assistant for outreach.

Founders: Mohamed Chahin

Industries: Artificial Intelligence

Hier create sseamless procurement processes between retailers and local suppliers, enabling a more local, diverse and resilient food supply chain.

Founders: Lara Hammerle, Mark Jäger

Industries: B2B, Food Supply Chain

Ecoplanet identifies and implements profitable investments in green infrastructure helping SMBs to significantly save cost while reducing carbon emissions.

Founders: Henry Keppler, Maximilian Dekorsy

Industries: SaaS, Energy Management